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After completing MBBS in Bangladesh, Doctors begin preparation for FMGE/NEXT, PLUB and USMLE examinations. These are the tests that must be passed by those who have completed an MBBS from abroad to practice in India or pursue higher education. The rate of success on these tests by doctors who have completed MBBS in Bangladesh surpasses the percentage of students from other countries by a substantial margin. Because the primary medium used for teaching is International English, students won't have any issues studying. Several medical colleges accept students worldwide to study the MBBS in Bangladesh in 2022. Because private medical colleges in India have a minimum enrollment of Rs fifty thousand for an MBBS; however, many people cannot pay the cost of such a large sum. This makes Bangladesh an ideal choice to pursue an MBBS degree. There are Medical colleges in Bangladesh that specialize in a specific medical field, and there are others that provide medical treatment and education across all aspects. It's lovely to learn that most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh are accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and formerly MCI, which makes the MBBS degree legitimate and provides a tremendous worth in terms of knowledge.

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